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Ruby Fuchsite

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The cool thing about this arrangement is that you’re able to take advantage of the benefits coming from both minerals. Ruby is the stone of passion and strength. When used alone, the fiery red hue imbues you with a sense of passion! The crystal represents intense confidence, courage, and strength.

Meanwhile, Fuchsite is the stone of recovery. It’s said to help you move on from both physical and emotional traumas. Additionally, many believe that Fuchsite is an energy multiplier.

Crystal healers often use Fuchsite in tandem with other stones to increase energy transfer and make the benefits more potent. It shifts energy to positive channels, allowing you to take full advantage of whatever stone you’re using alongside it.

The natural combination of these two creates stellar results, and gives Ruby Fuchsite a very potent meaning. 

Many refer to Ruby Fuchsite as the “Ultimate Heart Stone.” It’s reportedly capable of clearing dark energy and replacing it with love, awareness, and connection to your humanity.

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